Christmas card

18. Oktober 2015

Christmas Card for promoting a donation to the Weihnachtskürbis e.V.


Enter the Stream

25. Mai 2014

My „thesis“ for getting my bachelors degree. A magazine about our relationship to data.


NAPC folder

25. Mai 2014

These folders were created for a huge indian construction company in need of some classy folders to wrap their paperwork in.


Culturama 200th issue

25. Mai 2014

For the 200th issue of Culturama, an expat magazine made by Global Adjustments in India, I was invited to create a special cover.


Put on paper

24. Mai 2014

Joining a competition for a book cover I sent in my version of interpreting the theme „put on paper“. This book will contain stories written by children that are gathered and then printed.


SG Compenion

3. Mai 2014

Cover Design for a notebook


Christmas card

3. Mai 2014

Christmas Card for Clients

Concept for a calendar for a company manufacturing solar panels.

IBC Solar

2. Mai 2014

Concept for a calendar for a solar panel manufacturer.