27. Mai 2014

Adonize is a Fitness Log that I worked on for nearly two years now together with a startup company in Nuremberg, Germany. In collaboration with professional fitness coaches we developed a tool that includes all the essentials needed to track and improve your workout.

You log your data like workout plans, split days, exercises, liftet weight and repetitions and get in return evaluated data over a specific time frame. This helps to see when exactly you have your best results in fitness training / body building and enables you to get continually better. Your workout is tracked in the included training calendar where you can also access your previous workouts and graphs.

I worked on this together with different designers over the time, lately with my talented colleague Andreas John who has a great talent and added special value to the look and feel. The App is available for Android and iOS, synchronizes all data regularly with the Adonize Cloud and is continually improved.

Check out the website designed by me and programmed by a coworker:!

Or go to the App Store or the Play Store to have a look at the App!





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