Multi tool

28. Oktober 2015

Packaging for a multi tool with lots of features like a screwdriver, pen and water level


Christmas card

18. Oktober 2015

Christmas Card for promoting a donation to the Weihnachtskürbis e.V.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-13 um 22.11.26

Cleanroom Competence

13. Juli 2015

Logo design made for a special service of a cleaning company



13. Juli 2015

Character Design for a party invitation


Burning Jacket

28. September 2014

Logo design and key visual for game development company


Shirt illustration

15. August 2014

A nice little shirt illustration of a bird made in my spare time


Adonize photo shoot

25. Juni 2014

Outcome of an exciting photo shoot for the App Adonize



27. Mai 2014

Adonize is a Fitness Log that I worked on for nearly two years now together with a startup company in Nuremberg, Germany.


Enter the Stream

25. Mai 2014

My „thesis“ for getting my bachelors degree. A magazine about our relationship to data.


NAPC folder

25. Mai 2014

These folders were created for a huge indian construction company in need of some classy folders to wrap their paperwork in.


Global Adjustments

25. Mai 2014

New corporate design for a relocation company in India, Chennai.


Culturama 200th issue

25. Mai 2014

For the 200th issue of Culturama, an expat magazine made by Global Adjustments in India, I was invited to create a special cover.


Die Aufseßigen

25. Mai 2014

Taking part in a competition for a new face for a young association that is part of a german museum I created this logo.


Iceberg artwork

25. Mai 2014

This iceberg was created for a company’s website to be used as background image.


Schönste Erinnerung

25. Mai 2014

A wedding photographer and his partner, a film maker and cutter requested a unique corporate design to represent their work properly.


Remote Control App

25. Mai 2014

This UI Design was made for a friend that developed his own remote control app for his TV.


Put on paper

24. Mai 2014

Joining a competition for a book cover I sent in my version of interpreting the theme „put on paper“. This book will contain stories written by children that are gathered and then printed.


SG Compenion

3. Mai 2014

Cover Design for a notebook


Christmas card

3. Mai 2014

Christmas Card for Clients

Concept for a calendar for a company manufacturing solar panels.

IBC Solar

2. Mai 2014

Concept for a calendar for a solar panel manufacturer.